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 Investor Relations



With so many investment options today, companies are finding it hard to distinguish themselves to the investment community.  Few companies can afford big investor relations (IR) teams and even fewer can allocate big IR budgets.  Yet, with increasing competition for funds in the capital markets and a recent study showing that fund managers do pay a premium for good IR practices, companies cannot afford to ignore IR.


Even with the required budget and conviction however, many senior management teams, who are experts in running their successful companies, find it a tough challenge to adequately engage the investment community, especially information disclosure and dealing with probing questions on company operations. 


To add to the challenge, the recent changes on the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 also made it a requirement for listed companies to have an IR policy and included IR as part of the Board's responsibility.


As a relatively new profession, there is a significant shortage of experienced IR Officers across Asia.  But who can company executives, including Directors, CEOs and CFOs, turn to?


At Maximus Connections, our long history of training and advising listed companies on IR has put us in an ideal position to help.  Companies can hire us to consult on their IR function, including:

    - tailored private training of directors and senior executives

    - structuring a tailor-made IR policy, including identifying roles, function and strategy appropriate for your company

    - perception studies and surveys

    - share register analysis and peer group studies

    - help review and create company presentation slides

    - continual advice and review of corporate results release, press release and annual reports

    - help fill positions for promising IR talents

Contact us to discuss details on how we can help shape your company's IR practice and enhance your corporate image and value!  Any information shared will be kept strictly confidential.









Customised Training





Manpower is an important and scarce resource.  Best way to enhance productivity to train good people to do their jobs better.  Talk to us about your organisation's training needs.  We can customise our courses to suit your requirements.


Getting information about your events, seminars, conferences and activities to the public, and more importantly to the correct targeted audience, is vital to its participation rate.  Discuss with us to see what we can do for you!

Based on our trainers' expertise, we also offer consultancy services in various fields.  Please talk to us and tell us your organisational needs.




BEST training and trainer I have ever attended. Kudos!

Great seminar!  Bravo!  I enjoyed the workshop and actual materials.

— Ruby Perez, Head of Corporate and Investor Relations





We work with partners, include HR Departments, trainers and foreign organisers to bring the best training to the right places.  Contact us to discuss details.