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Skills Development 


Skills Development Series
Developing Confidence and Assertiveness
While you may have the competence, skills, and desire to succeed on the job, you may not get the recognition, compensation, and opportunities you deserve. Having technical and people skills is not enough to get ahead – the rewards go to those who are confident and assertive. This is a practical and interactive workshop for anyone who is competent at his or her work, but needs to develop confidence and assertiveness to advance to the next level.

Date: 26 April
Venue: Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
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Skills Development Series

Impromptu Speaking with Confidence, Conviction & Clarity
Do you freeze up and panic when asked to speak on the spot?  Being unexpectedly called upon to address a group, respond to questions, or offer your views at a moment’s notice can be unsettling for anyone.  This workshop features a variety of impromptu speaking exercises to help you speak on the spot in a host of different business and social settings.

Date: 15 May
Venue: Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
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Customised Training





Manpower is an important and scarce resource.  Best way to enhance productivity to train good people to do their jobs better.  Talk to us about your organisation's training needs.  We can customise our courses to suit your requirements.


Getting information about your events, seminars, conferences and activities to the public, and more importantly to the correct targeted audience, is vital to its participation rate.  Discuss with us to see what we can do for you!

Based on our trainers' expertise, we also offer consultancy services in various fields.  Please talk to us and tell us your organisational needs.




BEST training and trainer I have ever attended. Kudos!

Great seminar!  Bravo!  I enjoyed the workshop and actual materials.

— Ruby Perez, Head of Corporate and Investor Relations





We work with partners, include HR Departments, trainers and foreign organisers to bring the best training to the right places.  Contact us to discuss details.