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“The IR topics have been very interesting and helpful.  Definitely made a big difference on my investor relations outlook and perspective.”


“The speaker is experienced, provided many fruitful cases.  He presented in a simple and effective way.”


“Very useful and insightful of IR activities, recommend to anyone who is new to IR.”


“Clear, concise, comprehensive, overall excellent!!”


“I found it so helpful for my job now, and had time to exchange lots of information with other IROs.”


“Course was very well structured & had interesting real life examples.”


“The course was very educative and I personally learned a lot about IR and responsibilities of IROs.  I appreciate it as I will be able to do my job in a better way after this course.  Joseph also did a brilliant job as a trainer and answered all the questions sufficiently.”


“Very interesting and I've learned a lot, especially on the need to plan.  Highly recommended course for my colleagues.”


“Very relevant to IR day-to-day tasks.  This will definitely improve your quality of reports.”


“Overall excellent.  Interesting seminar, a lot of practice which is more effective than just listening to the material.”


“Good trainer, interesting contents, exercises make us better.  Thank you very much.”


"Had a better understanding on slides preparation for fund managers/investors."


“Very comprehensive.  Exercises give participants a better understanding of tools.”


“This is the best workshop I have attended and I’m recommending my HR to send all clerical/admin officers to attend this.”

“The trainer is very passionate about her sharing… her wide experience is very useful and interesting!”


“The course trainer is very humorous, making the class very interesting and allow ample of participation in class.”


"Trainer is excellent.  Very interesting course and I do take-away a lot of points attending this course.  Very beneficial and useful.  I know myself better now."


"Very inspiring and fun class.  Enjoyed the sessions."







Customised Training





Manpower is an important and scarce resource.  Best way to enhance productivity to train good people to do their jobs better.  Talk to us about your organisation's training needs.  We can customise our courses to suit your requirements.


Getting information about your events, seminars, conferences and activities to the public, and more importantly to the correct targeted audience, is vital to its participation rate.  Discuss with us to see what we can do for you!

Based on our trainers' expertise, we also offer consultancy services in various fields.  Please talk to us and tell us your organisational needs.




BEST training and trainer I have ever attended. Kudos!

Great seminar!  Bravo!  I enjoyed the workshop and actual materials.

— Ruby Perez, Head of Corporate and Investor Relations





We work with partners, include HR Departments, trainers and foreign organisers to bring the best training to the right places.  Contact us to discuss details.